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At Reminova we are passionate about preventative dentistry and improving oral healthcare. It is in our Company DNA, as Reminova was started by dentists who have spent their whole working lives reducing the effects of dental caries through public health education, technology innovation, and widening the global understanding of dental caries disease progression.

Reminova was formed in 2014 with the aim of developing and bring to market a new treatment for dentists to use that would reverse the damage caused by enamel caries and repair the enamel by remineralizing it back to the equivalent of healthy sound enamel.

Some years ago, our Company founder’s took a radically different approach to caries management that focused on repairing enamel and reversing decay, painlessly and quickly. Working collaboratively over many years with the best UK academics picked from the fields of dentistry, chemistry, engineering and imaging we got it to work, and we patented it too. 

This year, we have published in peer reviewed journals and at dental conferences some of our successful pre-clinical work repairing and remineralizing natural caries lesions (ICDAS 1 & 2) in the enamel of extracted human teeth.  The published microhardness data shows that the lesions have been remineralized throughout their full sub-surface lesion structure back to a mineral level and microhardness measurement equal to healthy enamel.  This represents a major achievement that can be the foundation of a new approach to caries management where teeth are kept whole and fillings are averted.

We are currently working to complete our pre-clinical data package and continue to bring this to market, and to provide dentists with a real alternative to fillings. 

Reminova is headquartered in Scotland, and currently has a presence in London, and is looking to expand internationally in the future as we move towards becoming a global oral healthcare company. Our goal is to support dentists and hygienists globally, by giving them a new option of remineralizing caries affected enamel in the clinical setting. This treatment would be used alongside, AND not in place of, encouraging their patients to improve their oral health practices, of brushing with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day and reducing their intake of sugary foods and drinks. Our new treatment could be utilized, whenever their individualised patient assessments suggested that without treatment the disease would likely progress and require a filling.  This way fillings would averted or postponed as part of regular dental check-ups and follow-ups throughout the patient’s natural lifetime.

If you are interested in joining  this mission then why not become one of our crowd of Company shareholders as part of crowdfunding campaign? We are aiming make drill-and-fill dentistry history, or at least replace it as the standard clinical treatment for managing caries back to a full healthy enamel and preserving tissue.

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