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Reminova has successfully funded our development via equity crowdfunding to date, and the contribution “our crowd” has made to our Company has been so much more than just in terms of money. Crowdfunding has been a tremendous success so far and one we intend to move forward with as we build our future.

Our crowd consists of private investors, individuals, dentists and passionate supporters of our mission to transform dentistry and change the way caries is treated globally.

From our dentists we have been given incredibly valuable insight into what makes a treatment successful for them as the practitioners who would have to use it in their everyday work, and also their feedback on other commercial products out there on the market and why they were, and more interestingly, some of those that were not successful with dentists.   Moving forward we are looking to build on the insight we can get from our dentist crowd through their feedback on prototypes of treatments, product testing, and even plan collaborative clinical studies with private practitioners.

Crowd investors have also given their own time and effort to make introductions on Reminova’s behalf to potential manufacturing partners, prospective licensees, and provided with us expert insight into how to go-to market with a dental treatment in some of the more challenging countries like China.  It’s great to have this kind of support and we are so grateful to those members of our crowd who have helped us this way.

And all of our crowd of shareholders and supporters are tireless ambassadors for our Company, spreading the word of Reminova’s new approach to caries management, making us aware of relevant developments in their country and providing us with inspiration through our shared passion.

Moving forward our plan is to have our FCA regulated crowdfunding investment platform (provided by our partner ShareIn) open for new and existing investors from time to time.  Please register below through the link. 

We are crowdfunding right now!
We invite you to join our company as a shareholder, and help transform dentistry.
Together we can put an end to drilling and filling.

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