Natural, Painless Tooth Repair

Our mission is to improve oral healthcare and to transform how dentist’s treat dental caries (tooth decay). We aim to consign drill and fill dentistry to the history books. Its time to embrace Reminova’s natural preventative treatment, that can enable everyone to keep their own teeth strong and healthy for the whole of their life.

Our ground-breaking technology enables dentists to repair enamel damaged by dental caries in a quick and painless treatment. We aim to make your regular dental check-up a stress-free activity, with no anaesthetic injections, no more drilling and so no more mercury fillings. Sounds good doesn’t it? And the best bit is that when you leave the dentist, you’ll have your own strong healthy natural teeth, repaired by Reminova.

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Then find out more about our crowdfunding efforts ...

Reminova has recently announced an intention to carry out a crowdfund for both UK and European domiciled investors and also a separate identical crowdfund investment for US based investors that complies with US financial regulations. We chose this funding route in response to the many private individuals, dentists and investors that have contacted us since our Company launch asking to join with us in changing the way dental caries is treated. 

Please register below through the link to the appropriate site that matches your place of residence for tax purposes. We are not able at this time to take crowd investment from outside these locations.

We thank you for your support and interest in participating. We look forward to you becoming a Reminova shareholder.

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