Dental treatments

Dental Caries

Over 5% of the global health budget is spent every year treating the effects of dental caries. The cost to the global economy is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars.  With life expectancy increasing around the globe, there is an increasing need to provide cost effective preventative medical solutions that enable people to stay fit and healthy throughout their life. Ensuring that everyone has their own strong natural teeth throughout their lifetime is a key enabler in that vision, and it is something we are proud that our treatment can be a part of.

A part of that vision is to make it easier for all people to participate in regular dental check-ups. We want to take away all the fear and stress that many people feel about a dental check-up. It has been reported that in many countries over one third of the general population do not go to the dentist regularly because of their fear of the dentist’s drill, its noise and the resulting anxiety they experience.  We believe we have a solution that invites all people to the dental surgery, that will cause no stress beforehand, and no lingering pain after treatment. This can have a major impact on dental attendances, simultaneously lowering overall expenditure for government and re-imbursers by enabling earlier stage detection and treatments and avoiding the pain and cost associated with later stage caries. 

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening is rapidly growing in popularity as people generally take a greater interest in the link between appearance, confidence and wellbeing and target having a bright or white smile.

Teeth can become stained and discoloured through lifestyle choices related to what we eat and drink, how often and how well we brush our teeth, but there is also a natural aging effect whereby enamel thins over time and becomes more translucent.

Using our EAER technology we can simultaneously strengthen and whiten, improving tooth health whilst improving the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s teeth.

Our development scientists are working to deliver a whiter smile with an even natural colour in one professional treatment at the dental office. Our target is to eliminate the current requirement for customers to use bleach on their teeth overnight at home. We want to make it safer, easier, and healthier to have a brilliantly white smile of natural healthy teeth.

Research & Development Opportunities

The adoption of Reminova’s EAER treatment into the early stage treatment of caries will over a prolonged time eliminate the need for more invasive caries treatments and consign drill-and-fill to the history books of dentistry.

EAER can also be used in combination with existing dental treatments to help deliver better patient outcomes. We have internal R & D programs aimed at making our proprietary EAER technology a universal method of delivering health improving materials or minerals quickly and safely into enamel, dentin, and soft tissue.

With our technology, we have the ability to customise the size and electrical characteristics of a desired material and to then simulate how to transport it through the different porosity of materials encountered in a tooth. The electrical algorithm applied to help accelerate the material, can also be tailored to ensure a rapid delivery and short treatment time.

Using this approach we see opportunities for our technology in professional dentistry in erosion, endodontics, orthodontics, sensitivity, and even in minimising the removal of affected dentin in cavitated fillings. 

We are keen to discuss these opportunities with interested parties who would look to target specific opportunities with Reminova’s support. 

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