Dental treatments

Dental Caries

By eliminating the need for anaesthetic injections we also increase patient safety and provide a less invasive treatment that can extend the practice of dentistry and dental caries treatment in the challenging environments often encountered in the developing countries.

Reminova’s ingenious approach to managing and repairing dental caries is a preventative solution that delivers on multiple levels, offering

  • Better health and well-being for patients
  • Stress free check-ups, with an end to drill and fill dentistry
  • Reduced costs and environmental impact for society
  • Improved dental attendance and revenues for clinicians

Our initial treatment for dental caries aims to reverse and repair early stage caries (ICDAS stage 1, 2 and 4) in both approximal and occlusional surfaces in the enamel of permanent teeth. Early stage caries is typically non-cavitated, enabling the enamel to be remineralized back to normal healthy mineral levels using EAER. A typical treatment including pre-conditioning and remineralization is designed to take no longer than a standard conventional filling treatment.

Our research and development teams are currently studying a number of advances that would extend EAER to treating later stage caries (ICDAS stage 3, 5 and 6), and also looking at how multiple early stage caries lesions may be addressed simultaneously.