Initial & Moderate Caries

We want to take away all the fear and anxiety that many people feel about a dental check-up and our ingenious approach to managing and repairing dental caries is a reparative solution that prevents caries progression and delivers on multiple levels.

Over 5% of the global health budget is spent every year treating the effects of dental caries. The cost to the global economy is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars.  With life expectancy increasing around the globe, there is an increasing need to provide cost effective preventative medical solutions that enable people to stay fit and healthy throughout their life. Ensuring that everyone has their own strong natural teeth throughout their lifetime is a key enabler in that vision, and it is something we are proud that our treatment can be a part of.

A part of that vision is to make it easier for all people to participate in regular dental check-ups. We want to take away all the fear and anxiety that many people feel about a dental check-up. It has been reported that it’s the UK’s most dreaded activity with around half of UK adults ranking it as their top anxiety –even more than public speaking. In many countries between 20 and 30% of the adult  population have not been to the dentist in the last two years, and   the fear of the dentist’s drill, its noise and the resulting anxiety they experience is again a primary reason for non-attendance.  We believe we have a solution that invites all people to the dental surgery, that will cause no stress beforehand, and no lingering concerns after treatment. This can have a major impact on dental attendances, bringing many additional patients to regular attendees and transforming the whole dental experience.

It can simultaneously lower overall expenditure for government and re-imbursers by enabling earlier stage detection and treatments and avoiding the pain and cost associated with later stage caries. 

By eliminating the need for anaesthetic injections and the need for surgical intervention (drilling) to remove caries affected tissue we can also increase patient safety and provide a less invasive, lower risk treatment.  This risk reduction can also potentially extend the practice of dentistry, and , caries treatment in many developing countries where the infrastructure for supplying and storing anaesthesia and the requirement for skilled practitioners to drill can severely limit the provision of anything but the most basic dentistry. .

Reminova’s ingenious approach to managing and repairing dental caries is a reaparative solution that prevents caries progression and delivers on multiple levels, offering

  • Better health and well-being for patients
  • Stress free check-ups, with an end to drill and fill dentistry
  • Reduced costs and environmental impact for society
  • Improved dental attendance and revenues for clinicians
  • A new paradigm in the patient-dentist relationship

Our initial treatment for dental caries aims to reverse and repair early stage caries (ICDAS stage 1, 2, 3 and 4) in both approximal and occlusal surfaces in the enamel of permanent teeth. Early stage caries is typically non-cavitated and sub-surface, enabling the enamel to be remineralized back to normal healthy mineral levels using EAER. A typical treatment including pre-conditioning and remineralization is being optimised to take no longer than a standard conventional filling treatment.

Our R & D effort is currently focused on treating ICDAS 1-4, but we do have sponsored projects that is aimed at  extending our approach  to treating later stage caries (ICDAS stage  5 and 6), and also at gingival caries where the gum line has receded and the more easily damaged dentin material has become exposed.

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