Dental treatments

Professional Whitening


Our whitening treatment is an adaption of our original caries development. Using a similar overall protocol, the first step is to condition a large area of the front facing tooth surface(s).  The conditioning materials can be carefully controlled and reversed to only cleanse to a shallow depth below the surface of the enamel, removing staining materials and organic matter that may have built up over many years. This is a different approach from current whitening that includes prolonged bleach exposure overnight at home to chemically bleach out the colour of the stains.

The majority of visual stains, discolourations and the natural colour of a person’s teeth are all optical effects created within a thin layer of the surface of the tooth enamel.

By completely removing during the conditioning treatment, the materials that have built up and caused the stains and disclouration, we can introduce using EAER a whitening formulation to the cleansed pores, that contains both natural strengthening minerals, brightening and light scattering agents, similar to those that are commonly used in toothpastes. The end result is to strengthen, whiten and brighten the teeth. 

Our approach offers a substantial improvement to patient wellbeing. removing the likelihood of any discomfort or pain that patients often experience using current whitening procedures. Eliminating many nights of home bleaching improves patient safety.

By incorporating a more pronounced health benefit we can further extend the popularity of in-surgery professional whitening.