Dental treatments

Research & Development Opportunities

The adoption of Reminova’s EAER treatment into the early stage treatment of caries will over a prolonged time eliminate the need for more invasive caries treatments and consign drill-and-fill to the history books of dentistry.

EAER can also be used in combination with existing dental treatments to help deliver better patient outcomes. We have internal R & D programs aimed at making our proprietary EAER technology a universal method of delivering health improving materials or minerals quickly and safely into enamel, dentin, and soft tissue.

With our technology, we have the ability to customise the size and electrical characteristics of a desired material and to then simulate how to transport it through the different porosity of materials encountered in a tooth. The electrical algorithm applied to help accelerate the material, can also be tailored to ensure a rapid delivery and short treatment time.

Using this approach we see opportunities for our technology in professional dentistry in erosion, endodontics, orthodontics, sensitivity, and even in minimising the removal of affected dentin in cavitated fillings. 

We are keen to discuss these opportunities with interested parties who would look to target specific opportunities with Reminova’s support. 

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