Natural, Painless Tooth Repair

Our mission is to improve oral healthcare and to transform how dentist’s treat dental caries (tooth decay). We aim to consign drill and fill dentistry to the history books. Its time to embrace Reminova’s natural preventative treatment, that can enable everyone to keep their own teeth strong and healthy for the whole of their life.

Our ground-breaking technology enables dentists to repair enamel damaged by dental caries in a quick and painless treatment. We aim to make your regular dental check-up a stress-free activity, with no anaesthetic injections, no more drilling and so no more mercury fillings. Sounds good doesn’t it? And the best bit is that when you leave the dentist, you’ll have your own strong healthy natural teeth, repaired by Reminova.

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Revolutionary Technology

Reminova has developed a revolutionary technology that could mean the end of dental filling, injections, and drilling.

Tooth decay affects seven billion people. It costs the world hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

The company’s pain-free treatment reverses and repairs early-stage tooth decay. There is no-one else in the world bringing this (Reminova-patented) technology to market.

It’s unique and the potential is vast.

The Science Bit

Electrically Assisted Enhanced Remineralization (EAER) uses a tiny electrical current of a few micro Amps (a millionth of an Amp) that is too small to cause any physical sensation in the patient, to help accelerate mineral ions back into the tooth enamel rebuilding the mineral levels to normal healthy levels.

Dental Treatments

Dental Caries


We believe we have a solution that invites all people to the dental surgery, that will cause no stress beforehand, and no lingering pain after treatment. This can have a major impact on dental attendances, simultaneously lowering overall expenditure for government and re-imbursers by enabling earlier stage detection and treatments and avoiding the pain and cost associated with later stage caries.

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Professional Whitening

tooth whitening

Professional whitening is rapidly growing in popularity as people generally take a greater interest in the link between appearance, confidence and wellbeing and target having a bright or white smile.

Using our EAER technology we can simultaneously strengthen and whiten, improving tooth health whilst improving the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s teeth.

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R & D Opportunities


EAER can also be used in combination with existing dental treatments to help deliver better patient outcomes. We have internal R & D programs aimed at making our proprietary EAER technology a universal method of delivering health improving materials or minerals quickly and safely into enamel, dentin, and soft tissue.

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