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Our technology uses a tiny electrical current to help accelerate mineral ions deep into the tooth enamel and providing a complete rebuild of the caries affected tissue rather than just a remineralization limited to just the enamel surface.

Demineralization and remineralization are natural processes where mineral content is either lost from, or added back into, tooth enamel at certain pHs encountered in the mouth.

Demineralization makes tooth enamel weaker and more porous. It is associated with the onset of dental caries. An insidious part of the caries disease is that most of the early damage caused to the enamel is not immediately visible as the biofilm produced acids caused by the breakdown of fermtable carbohydrates (sugar) diffuse down into the pores of enamel causing accelerated mineral loss and increasing porosity below the enamel surface.

Remineralization is when mineral enters the porous enamel structure and makes it stronger and more dense. The added mineral material hardens into the existing enamel structure. Typically this natural remineralization occurs when an individual modifies their behaviour through better brushing, diet changes like reducing sugar and drinking more water and milk, and using fluoride toothpaste regularly.  All of these actions can help the saliva to become super-saturated in minerals which also causes the oral pH to rise until at a critical point, the minerals redeposit from saliva and onto enamel surfaces forming a stronger layer of remineralized enamel and cutting off the supply of nutrients and acid to the subsurface lesion.

Our invention accelerates the mineral uptake but also drives the mineral right to the deepest part of the subsurface lesion and rebuilds substantially all of the damage.  For this reason we called it Electrically Assisted Enhanced Remineralization (EAER). This uses a tiny electrical current of a few micro Amps (a millionth of an Amp) that is too small to cause any physical sensation in the patient, to help accelerate mineral ions deep into the tooth enamel and providing a complete rebuild of the caries affected tissue rather than just a remineralization limited to just the enamel surface.  Our peer reviewed published data shows that the repaired remineralized lesions were as hard as or harder than the pristine undamaged enamel in the same human test tooth in each sample .

With this simple adaption of nature‚Äôs own repair process, and using a proprietary conditioning process that we apply to the decayed tooth enamel prior to EAER, we can both reverse early signs of tooth decay, and repair the affected areas (lesions) back to healthy enamel, and we are working to deliver this in about the  same time as it currently takes to perform a conventional filling.

The conditioning process gently cleans and separates all the decayed cells and any organic material that has built-up around or in the decaying lesion. The cleansed healthy enamel tissue is then ready and receptive for EAER which introduces natural minerals back into the clean lesion. The mineral ions are pushed by the electrical field to the deepest parts of the lesion creating the right conditions for the minerals to precipitate and become part of the solid enamel structure, and causing the lesion to fill from the deepest crevices upwards.

Importantly for all those people that feel anxious about visiting the dentist, no healthy tooth tissue is removed in our treatment, and consequently there is no need for anaesthetic injections, which are required when a drill is used because damaged and live tissue will be removed when filling, making for a much less invasive and a safer experience for patients and also practitioners. The result is repaired tooth with its complete protective enamel shell intact.

This offers a new paradigm in preventing caries disease progression. . When used as part of a regular dental check-up and treatment plan, it enables a way to arrest and reverse dental caries, ensuring caries never progresses to a more advanced stage which would require a filling. And the opportunity to avoid having a filling forever.

Our treatment does NOT replace or reduce the need for regular tooth brushing and cleaning, which remains the best way to prevent the onset of dental caries. Our treatment provides a new way to treat caries decay, arrest disease progression, and that approach can substantially reduce both the cost and environmental impact of this most prevalent of human diseases.

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