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The filling materials with the longest average time between replacement is still mercury amalgam fillings lasting on average about 12 years. A tooth filled for the first time in teenage years may in an average lifetime, be replaced 5 or 6 times. Each time additional healthy enamel tissue will need to be removed by drilling to provide a good bonding surface and key for the new replacement filling material. Each time the filling gets bigger, and less of the original enamel is left, and as the patient ages there is every possibility that at some point the only option will become a root canal treatment or the loss of the whole tooth as too much tooth enamel has been sacrificed in this downward spiral.

Whilst a filling was an adequate solution over a 100 years ago when drilling and filling was being introduced, the average life expectancy was nearer 40 (world average life expectancy of 34 in 1900) and just having any teeth by that age was something of an achievement. Times have changed and new, better solutions are needed.

The benefits of keeping teeth whole with their full protective enamel structure is the best way to maintain oral health and patient well-being. Its also recognised as the best engineering solution for all the important things teeth do, like eating, talking and of course smiling.

Painful dental treatment

Reminova’s treatment can be used in a patient centered individualised context by dentists to remineralize caries affected enamel back to strong highly mineralized healthy condition, preserving all healthy tissue. Dentists will be able to continue to encourage better oral care to help promote natural remineralization and caries prevention, but know they have a new weapon in their armoury to reverse caries progression whenever they need to.

In developing our links with industry and clinicians we have identified a number of additional opportunities that we believe offers further opportunities for EAER in dental treatments that can improve patient health and wellbeing.

For further information on caries you can read more at Nature Reviews Disease Primers (please note this article is behind a paywall).

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