Natural, Painless Tooth Repair

Our mission is to improve oral healthcare and to transform how dentist’s treat dental caries (tooth decay). We aim to consign drill and fill dentistry to the history books. Its time to embrace Reminova’s natural preventative treatment, that can enable everyone to keep their own teeth strong and healthy for the whole of their life.

Our ground-breaking technology enables dentists to repair enamel damaged by dental caries in a quick and painless treatment. We aim to make your regular dental check-up a stress-free activity, with no anaesthetic injections, no more drilling and so no more mercury fillings. Sounds good doesn’t it? And the best bit is that when you leave the dentist, you’ll have your own strong healthy natural teeth, repaired by Reminova.

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At Reminova, we believe in strong long term partnerships. Its at the heart of how we like to do business. We believe in open communication, sharing in business opportunities and trust.

We are focused on building a great company that works with the best partners, and delivers for dentists and their customers. If you believe that is you or your company, then we want to talk with you and learn how you will strengthen our team, and how you can help us change the way dental caries is treated.

We want our treatment and products to be available globally, so if your Company has the sales and marketing or manufacturing expertise to help us in this quest then we will be delighted to explore how we can work together on a regional or global basis.

We are especially interested to hear from clinician’s who believe in our mission, in preventative dentistry and want to play a part in making drill and fill dentistry history. We would like to work with you in clinical trials in your specialist field including dental caries, whitening, or other dental opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you.